As a Man Thinks In His Heart

When we first started talking about getting an RV, one of the things that made me nervous is the towing. I haven’t towed yet. I know I need to even if my husband does the driving because something could happen. So, we record everything as a resource for me in case I have to do it on my own. One of the videos is about getting diesel while towing. So scary. Up until recently, my husband filled up the truck before we left for any location. But we were about to go on the longest journey yet- 7 hours to The Keys. Yikes. So, we would have to get gas towing the fifth wheel.Luckily, we saw a video by the RV YouTube channel Changing Lanes [“Save BIG on RV Diesel Fuel @ Truck Stops! | Full Time RV!”] Yes. We want to save money on diesel, but what got us was the ease of getting the gas. After watching their video, we immediately applied for the TSD Logistics card. We found out that they were hit with almost 500 applications so they didn’t know how long it would take to get it. All because of Changing Lanes’ video. Wow.