16th Street Pictures

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Skip, Victor, Tinley any one else?

Same group

Pete Fries and Kevin

anyone know who this is?

anyone know who this is?



Chuckie on the Door

anyone know who this is?


Kevin with a hop

Chris with the Duck Jibe

Kevin catching air

The Lighthouse

Dr Rick Flipping

More Dr Rick Flippin

Still Flippin Dr. Rick

Smiling Ron



Who is this?

Blown up to see who?

Crashing with helmet? Who?


Chris on the sofa board

Chuck waving to the group

16th Gang with the club jackets

Chuck with the Door

Chuck sailing the door

Mike rigging with the Bud nearby

Pete Fries

Chuckie overpowered?

Heli photos

Do you still have your heli photos?

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