Old Friends

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Mark, Hans, Joey, Larry BC 1984

Chris Carter and Alice

Alan the Stud

Curly Hair?, Alice

10th Grade Alice

Chris Carter "My Pecs are Huge!"

Alan getting some air

Jose and Alan with big hair!

Jose and Chris on the Boat

During the Keys Trip 1992

Three amigos April 1990

Nanos on our Hawaii trip

Typical Chris Face

Hurd Getting Air

Top of the Mountain on the Big Island

The Gang on Alan's Boat Aug 93

Motorola Sales Training Chicago 1990

Mike Hale on the Bike

What a Pose

Anyone know who this is?

What are Jim and Tracy Doing?

Tony B.


RPR Gang San Diego Trip 1993

RPR Gang Las Brisas Laguna Beach93

Mike Hale 1980's

Nerds Night Out

Lourdes, Chris, Jose, Maritza,Larry1990

Dave Tallerico Navigating the Trojan

Looking very "Biff" Scott

Lake of BaysCottage 1983 Nice glasses Chuck Who is driving the boat Dave?
Very Stylish boots Mark Krauth Fantasy Fest 1993 Checking out Biscayne Bay
Joey at Beach Club aug 1984 JOEY Golf Outing fall 1992
Vin Man Senior Year DBHS   Hans, Matt, Vinny Joey
Nice Jordash Jeans Joey The Vin Man at Disney Hans Strutting
Vinny and Keith showing their best side Vinny or Mary Poppins on a skate board Hans B-day Veggie Lasagna
16th Street Gang Grade 3 1972-73 E.J. James Grade 2 1971-72 E.J. James


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