The Fishing Trip II

Saturday July 28, 2001

Alan Segal, Elliot Segal, Oliver Segal, Larry Grimm, Kevin (Captain), John (Mate) aboard "Strike Zone"

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fish2-alan-kissing.jpg (77383 bytes) fish2-alan-holding.jpg (67121 bytes) fish2-all fish.jpg (57795 bytes)
Give me a little tongue Mr. Fish What else would Alan do? The Catch
fish2-larry-alan.jpg (75599 bytes) fish2-elliot.jpg (64865 bytes) fish2-larry-fin.jpg (72404 bytes)
Alan, that Bun Master 5000 is really working! They teach fishing at Florida Air Academy? Alan proving he is still the old Alan.
fish2-oliver.jpg (62025 bytes)
Which Brother caught the Biggest Dolphin?